Amazon's Book Club: Between The Chapters

Are you looking for your next great read? Look no further than Amazon's Book Club, Between The Chapters! You'll be turning pages and engrossed in the stories in no time.

Amazon's Book Club: Between The Chapters
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Between The Chapters is a book club by Amazon, providing readers a platform to connect and share their love for literature. Amazon is one of the few companies that has managed to merge the tech and book worlds in a way that no other company has before.


Between The Chapters was launched in 2020, and quickly gained a following for its virtual book club meetings and diverse book recommendations. The book club is hosted by literary experts and popular authors, who lead thoughtful discussions that draw out themes and ideas from the chosen books.

How It Works

Between The Chapters invites readers from all walks of life to join their community and participate in their weekly virtual book club meetings. The meetings are usually held on Wednesdays at 5 pm Eastern Time and last for about an hour.

Members can also join the Between The Chapters community forum to discuss books with other members, recommend books, and participate in various book-related events.

Book Selection

Between The Chapters offers a unique combination of popular titles as well as lesser-known indie titles. Each month, the book club selects a new book that ranges from memoirs, fiction, non-fiction, and more. Members can access a curated list of books on Amazon, and exclusive access to certain titles.


For avid readers, Between The Chapters is a haven. Joining the book club offers members exclusive access to literary discussions and recommendations from renowned literary experts and authors.

Moreover, this book club is not only valuable for its literary content, but it is also a community built on common interests and shared love for literature. Joining this book club is a great way to connect with people from various backgrounds and nationalities, who have a shared love for books.


Between The Chapters is an excellent book club operated by Amazon that provides a welcoming space for people to connect over their love for books. This book club is unique in its offerings of not only well-known bestsellers but also indie titles that members would not have been exposed to otherwise.

Overall, Between The Chapters is an excellent resource for avid readers who are looking for an engaging and inclusive platform to discuss books with fellow enthusiasts.

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