Best Pregnancy Pillows That Provide Support and Help Ease Back Pain

Are you expecting a little bundle of joy but not quite sure how to get comfortable? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our list of the 10 best pregnancy pillows for expecting moms! Get ready for a cozy night's sleep!

Best Pregnancy Pillows That Provide Support and Help Ease Back Pain

Want to know what to expect when you're expecting? A major pregnancy issue for many future moms is the struggle to get a good night's sleep. A comfortable, rested mom-to-be is good for both you and your baby – and a simple way to relieve back pain and support your tummy so you can get some rest is with a body-supporting pregnancy pillow, whether c-shaped or u-shaped. Shaped or adjustable.

Choosing a pregnancy pillow concerns personal preference, lifestyle, budget, and physical needs. To create this top 10 list, we considered various shapes, materials, sleeping positions, and sizes.

Among these pregnancy pillows, there are a few that stand out.

Our Top 10 Picks for Pregnancy Pillows

PharMeDoc Organic Pregnancy Pillow

U-Shaped Maternity Body Pillow - Organic Cotton Full Body Pillow| Best Seller 83,514 ratings

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Why We Love It:

We love the PharMeDoc pillow because it's one of the most popular pregnancy pillows on Amazon. The brand's organic maternity pillow is a U-shaped pillow with a 100% organic cotton cover that will not irritate your skin.

The pillow hugs your body to support your back, hips, and knees, creating a cocoon-like feel while you rest. Its polyfill material perfectly balances comfort and support for your abdomen and hips.

What You Should Know:

This full body pillow is perfect for EVERYONE who needs more support, is recovering from surgery, or is tired of using separate pillows to support their head, neck, legs, and back.

The 100% Organic Cotton cover is designed to provide soft comfort and be gentle on your skin. Double stitching around the seams helps prevent rips from forming over time. Its zippered cover allows you to wash your pillow easily and keep it fresh.

Plus, the GRS-certified polyester padding gives you great support while being better for the environment. A lifetime manufacturer's warranty covers the pillow. Choose from a range of colors.

Coop Home Goods Adjustable Full Body Pillows for Sleeping

Soft Zippered Washable Body Pillow Cover - Neck & Knee Full Support for Side Sleepers, Long Body Pillow for Pregnancy, 20x54 Body Pillow 2,483 ratings

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Why We Love It:

This long body pillow is the perfect companion while you sleep, watch TV or relax on the sofa. The pillow has a rectangular shape. It is flexible as long as it is not over stuffed and can be bent to fit your favorite positions.

The cover is made from a blend of polyester and bamboo-derived viscose. This material is quilted for extra softness. It's also highly breathable, and viscose has moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and dry.

What You Should Know:

Coop Home Goods has gained a loyal clientele thanks to its adjustable pillow range. The 54-inch-long pillow should accommodate most pregnant people, whatever their height.

This pillow has been rigorously tested for harmful chemicals by both organizations and has met the highest product safety standards. It's made with a stretchy, lightweight fabric that allows you to shape the pillow to support different sleep positions.

Shredded memory foam and down alternative microfiber create a proprietary blend of fillings, resulting in a pillow that molds to your body's unique curves and feels exceptionally soft.

You can add or remove as much padding as possible to create the optimum loft. As our Body Pillow is large and does not fit standard washers and dryers, we recommend using a machine-washable Pillow Protector over the Body Pillow to keep it fresh and clean.

bbhugme Pregnancy Body Pillow

Non-Toxic Certified Textiles - Full Body Adjustable Support for Sleep - Soft Machine Washable Jersey Cover, TOXPROOF & OEKO-TEX Certified, BPA Free - Dusty Pink/Vanilla| Amazon's Choice

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Why We Love It:

This pregnancy pillow is adjustable, potentially making it more useful throughout different stages of pregnancy and during nursing. We love this pillow because it is designed to relieve pelvic pain and help you to get a better night's sleep.

Perfect also for nursing – it will support you and your baby to relax and avoid unnecessary strain and tension on the neck and shoulders. It also offers unique 5-point support and comfort where you need it the most: belly, pelvis, lower back, knees, and ankles.

What You Should Know:

The bbhugme Maternity Pillow is designed to help you sleep comfortably throughout your pregnancy. Because the pillow is adjustable, you can find the right firmness and shape to support it as your body grows and changes from the first trimester.

The inner pillow contains industrially compostable Biofoam beads. The outer coating is OEKO-TEX certified, which indicates that it is free from toxins such as BPA. Available in five different colors.

Thanks to the versatile design of the maternity pillow, you can use it to rest and sleep in various ways. The shape supports the abdomen, pelvis, waist, knees, and ankles. The pillow can be used not only while sleeping but also when just resting. It can also provide support to your back while sitting.

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

with Removable Jersey Pillow Cover, Gray Modern Stripe, Firm, Compact Support, Prenatal and Postnatal Positioning
1,140 ratings

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Why We Love It:

This pillow is suitable for sitting or lying down. It is firm, providing more support than soft or adjustable pillows. This maternity pillow will help you have a more restful and peaceful sleep.

We love it because it's the perfect companion when sleeping, watching TV, or relaxing on the couch. It's also shaped for versatile, compact support and can be easily packed to take wherever you go.

What You Should Know:

The Boppy Maternity Wedge Pillow is the perfect solution for a great night's sleep while traveling or as lumbar support while sitting on the sofa or office chair. The compact design allows you to sleep comfortably at home and while traveling.

The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge supports your rump, back, and knees for portable comfort anywhere. The Boppy Wedge is our most versatile prenatal pillow and seamlessly transitions to postpartum support.

The wedge is great when you need additional lumbar support or daily back support while breastfeeding. Rigid foam covered with soft jersey knit cover. The cover is machine washable for easy care.

The Pregnancy Wedge is part of a complete line of Boppy maternity pillows designed to support the changing needs of pregnancy. All prenatal pillows support prenatal and postnatal support and help you sit or sleep comfortably.

QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillows for Sleeping

U Shaped Body Pillow for Pregnancy, 65-inch Maternity Pillow for Tall Pregnant Women with Gray Velvet Cover. 29,328 ratings

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Why We Love It:

This large product measures 65 x 31 inches to provide full 360-degree support around the body. Like other U-shaped pillows, it aims to support the neck, back, and legs for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

The maternity pillow is 65" long and provides full body support for pregnant moms. The ergonomic U shape design meets the body curve to ensure sleep quality. The 3D crimped knitting method makes the removable pillow cover strong and durable, easy to care for, and machine washable without shedding or fading.

What You Should Know:

This pillow contains adjustable multi-filling, allowing a person to make it softer or firmer in different areas. The pillow is hypoallergenic, meaning it is suitable for people with allergies.

It also has the OEKO-TEX certificate. The maternity pillow is elegant and soft, selected from comfortable plush velvet fabric. Strengthen the air permeability of the fabric for better breathability, so you don't feel stuffy or wake up sweating during sleep.

The body pillow supports reading, watching TV, resting, and breastfeeding. People who are injured or post-surgery may also receive supportive help. It helps relieve back pain and reduces interruptions during the night for better sleep.

Super soft 40s high density and branched velvet has a relaxing effect on sleep. Skin-friendly and moisturizing, even in dry weather, you don't have to worry about static electricity, ensuring your sleep quality.

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

With Removable Jersey Pillow Cover | Gray Falling Leaves | Compact, Stay-Put Design | Prenatal and Postnatal Positioning 3,850 ratings

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Why We Love It:

This pillow has a stretch panel that aims to keep the pillow in place while you sleep, rest or sit. Thanks to its butterfly wedge shape, it holds the person sleeping on their side. This can make it suitable for people who struggle to keep their pillow in position while they sleep.

Its compact design saves space and makes it easy to transport. It is completely machine washable. It is an ideal pregnancy pillow if you are trying to allocate some space for your partner while getting used to sleeping on your side. Great for sleeping and relaxing while lounging at home.

What You Should Know:

This side sleeper pillow gives you back and bump support simultaneously. Two interconnected pillows stretch around you to give you comprehensive support. The pillows will not fall apart overnight as they are connected by a unique fixed design.

Ideal for mothers who are not used to sleeping on their side. The Side Sleeper prevents you from rolling on your back or face, so you stay on your side… just as the doctor recommended. Find comfort in your new sleeping position that supports your back and baby belly.

The thoughtful design saves space, helps you stay on your side while you sleep, supports your abs and back, and grows with your changing body. The Boppy Side Sleeper Maternity Pillow is part of a complete line of Boppy maternity pillows designed to support the changing needs of pregnancy.

All prenatal pillows support prenatal and postnatal support and help you stay comfortable while sitting or sleeping.

hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow

Wedge for Belly Support | Maternity Wedge Pillow for Pregnancy | Belly Wedge Pillow | Pregnancy Wedge Pillows Support Body, Legs, Back, Knees 8,063 ratings

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Why We Love it:

This pillow is portable and can easily be used alone or with another pillow to support your body, especially if you are trying not to sleep on your stomach. This wedge-shaped option can be particularly helpful in supporting your tummy while preventing you from rolling onto your tummy.

This versatile pillow works behind your back for support, between your knees to balance hip pressure, or as a back support while sitting.

What You Should Know:

It is carefully designed and manufactured to provide maximum comfort as a knee pillow, tummy pillow, or back pillow. Its dual-layer technology offers a softer layer of memory foam on one side, and a firmer layer on the other as your needs change from one moment to the next.

The pillow has a soft memory foam filling, one soft side, and one hard side. Because memory foam can heat up, you'll appreciate the tiny perforated holes that encourage airflow and prevent moisture.

Although only available in charcoal gray, this pillow can be a useful support tool when used alone or in combination with another pillow. Overall this best hiccapop maternity pillow is designed to provide maximum comfort. At the same time, you will never have to leave your hiccapop pregnancy pillow behind by providing maximum portability.

Momcozy Pregnancy Pillows

U Shaped Full Body Maternity Pillow with Removable Cover - Support for Back, Legs, Belly, and Hips for Pregnant Women, 57 Inch Pregnancy Pillows for Sleeping, Grey| Amazon's Choice
9,480 ratings

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Why We Love It:

Momcozy full body pillow designs meet the needs of multiple bed pillows; it hugs your whole body and adapts to both sides, perfectly supporting the head, back, abdomen, sides, knees, hips and feet.

This pregnancy body pillow helps to improve blood circulation all night and effectively relieve back pain, hip pain and leg swelling by releasing your body pressure. It provides exceptional comfort, pain relief and quality rest for expectant mothers.

What You Should Know:

Not everyone wants to spend money on a pillow that can only be used for a few months. The Momcozy pillow has an ergonomic design to support you in all the right places for a reasonable price.

The pillow between U and C shape is filled with cotton for a comfortable feel that retains its shape after repeated use. It's also flexible enough to bend in a variety of positions to help keep you comfortable.

Pregnant women will love this pregnancy pillow made of soft silk cotton that strikes the right balance between comfort and support; No more tossing and turning at night. It is durable enough to hold its shape after weight is placed on it every night.

Leachco Snoogle Semicircular Pillow

Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow, Ivory 60 Inch
11,078 ratings

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Why We Love It:

If you want to relax your whole body but don't have enough space for a U-shaped pillow, this may be the best pillow for you. It has a curved top for your head and neck, an extra-long midsection to support your back or tummy, and a slightly flatter tip that you can tuck between your legs to relieve hip pain.

It's also lined with a soft, breathable fabric and filled with polyester fiber for a tightly supportive feel. This pillow easily rolls into a ball that you can place under your knees or feet, which my pregnant helpers have found promotes better blood flow.

What You Should Know:

There's a pillow that goes behind you for support, a pillow between your knees for heat control, and two that support your head to help you breathe. And if you're pregnant, don't forget to add another one for tummy support.

The Snoogle is uniquely designed to follow your body's natural contour and shape from head to toe. Perfect for sleeping and resting. Complete with removable/washable cover.

The horseshoe-shaped head pillow allows you to reach the position and height that is just right for you. The extra-long midsection is the perfect width for the entire back or abdomen, depending on the direction you choose to curl up on your Snoogle.

The slightly curved tip fits snugly between your knees and conforms to your shape, keeping you cool and comfortable all night.

QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow

Maternity Pillow for Pregnant Women, 55 Inch Pregnancy Body Pillow Support for Back and Hips, with Reversible Velvet Cover, Blue, and Grey 29,326 ratings

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Why We Love It:

Maternity pillows provide spine alignment and correct posture with wrapped back and leg support. Experts encourage side sleeping to relieve back pain. Use the body pillow wherever you want to relax.

The pillow is loved by people recovering from injuries, sciatica and reflux for its outstanding supportive function. This pregnancy pillow adapts extremely well to your body, conforms to your body curves and provides comfort and support in all the right places like shoulders, waist, abdomen, pelvis, knees and ankles. Reduce pressure sores and leg swelling in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

What You should Know:

If you are in the early stages of pregnancy and can still sleep comfortably on your back, feel free to tuck into this pillow right in the middle and let the high sides hug your body.

Or if you strictly sleep on your side, take comfort in the fact that you will never have to reposition this pillow, as both sides will support you no matter which way you turn.

Covered in cotton jersey and filled with plenty of polyester fibers, the Queen Rose pillow offers a soft yet supportive feel. And while the cover fabric comes in a standard cotton option, jersey cotton is often a better choice for those who are very warm. But the main reason the Queen Rose made my top picks is its super versatile U-shaped design.

Best Pregnancy Pillows FAQs

Of course, there are many different types of pregnancy pillows on the market, including different shapes, sizes, materials, and contours. From U-shaped maternity pillows to C-shaped maternity pillows, each offers unique things that can be beneficial for sleeping during pregnancy. It will depend on your preference, but there are a few FAQs to consider when choosing a maternity pillow.

In which month do you need a pregnancy pillow?

It's always early enough to start using the pregnancy pillow! Some, who suffered from chronic back pain before pregnancy, use it from the beginning. 

However, usually, pregnant ladies use a pillow from around week 20 when their tummy gets big enough to make it uncomfortable to sleep and/or change positions in bed. 

Is a U- or C-shaped pregnancy pillow better?

It depends on your priorities because C- and U-shaped pregnancy pillows each have pros and cons. If you're looking for something more portable and compact, you'll want to look into C-shaped pillows, while a U-shaped pregnancy pillow will offer you full body support and comfort.

How to clean the pregnancy pillow?

Some pregnancy pillows can be put straight into the washing machine, but most come with a removable cover that you can remove and wash. As with any type of bedding, it's important to consider how easy it is to clean a pregnancy pillow before buying it.

Being able to put your whole pillow in the wash ensures it gets thoroughly cleaned, but not all washing machines can handle the size of a pregnancy pillow. Removable covers are great if you have a smaller washing machine, but can be tricky to remove and put back on when it comes to a larger or oddly shaped pillow.

What can you do with a pregnancy pillow after pregnancy?

The pregnancy pillow is ideal even for those who are not pregnant. Ideal for providing support and comfort to help you get a good night's sleep. You can also use it to aid breastfeeding postpartum.


Pregnancy changes can cause discomfort and pain that can make it difficult to sleep. By using a body pillow, you can provide support to the places that need it most – your growing belly, back, tight hips, and almost any joint in your body that feels the tension of the growing belly.

Anyone looking to buy a maternity pillow should consider whether they prefer a C-shaped, U-shaped, wedge or a pillow designed for sleeping on their front. They may also want to consider the size, weight and price of pillows available.

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