Toys for Tots: 10 Best Educational Toys to Make Learning Fun for Kids!

Looking for the perfect toy for your little genius? We've got you covered with our list of the 10 best educational toys that will have your kid learning and having fun at the same time!

Are you looking for the best educational toys for your kids? Look no further!

Educational toys are a great way to help your kids learn and develop in a fun and creative way. With educational toys, kids can explore their natural curiosity and develop their skills while having fun.

We’ve done the research and rounded up some of the best educational toys on the Amazon. These educational toys are sure to keep your kids engaged and entertained while helping them learn and grow.

Get ready to explore the world of educational toys with us! These toys will make learning fun and exciting. So don't wait, start shopping and get ready to see your child's imagination come to life!

Looking for the perfect toy for your little genius? We've got you covered with our list of the 10 best educational toys that will have your kid learning and having fun at the same time!

Letter Learning Educational Board Game for 2 to 6 Kids Ages 4+

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Why We Love It:

Peaceable Kingdom Alphabet Bingo is the perfect way for kids to learn and recognize their letters while having fun! This award-winning game comes with 6 double-sided game boards, 26 letter tokens, 72 chips to mark their matches, and a drawstring bag.

Kids can learn letter recognition, develop letter and object association, and improve concentration skills with multiple ways to play, such as Letter Sound Bingo, Cooperative Bingo, or Picture Bingo

What You Should Know:

Peaceable Kingdom Alphabet Bingo is a great way to bring learning to life! Perfect for home or classroom use, anyone can enjoy this game - it's suitable for 2-6 players ages 4 and up.

With its Oppenheim Portfolio Gold Award, you can be sure that this early-learning bingo game is both entertaining and educational. So why wait? Get Peaceable Kingdom Alphabet Bingo today and watch your kid's knowledge blossom!

The Learning Journey: Match It!

Spelling - 20 Piece Self-Correcting Spelling Puzzle for Three and Four Letter Words with Matching Images - Learning Toys for 4 Year Olds - Award Winning Toys

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Why We Love It:

The Learning Journey: Match It is an ideal way to introduce your child to the mechanics of reading and to help them build early reading skills. The puzzles are designed to teach letter recognition, word formation, and spelling.

They also contain three- and four-letter words, making them perfect for a range of ages and abilities. As the pieces can only fit if they are correct, this can provide a boost of confidence to help any child feel positive about tackling literacy tasks.

What You Should Know:

In addition to helping your child develop their literacy skills, the Match It puzzles can also introduce your child to important problem-solving skills and help them improve their motor skills.

The puzzles are made with thick, durable cardboard and are easy to use and store. Plus, they're a great way to have fun while learning!  Get Learning Journey: Match It set today!

Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set

30 Pieces, Age 18+ Months Toddler Learning Toys, Sorting Toys for Kids, Easter Basket Stuffers

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Why We Love It:

The Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set is the perfect toy for toddlers and preschoolers to learn color recognition and sorting skills! This fun set includes 25 pieces of play food in 5 different colors, as well as 5 baskets, an activity guide, and stickers for labeling.

Kids can play pretend with these toddler sorting toys and expand their vocabularies by naming familiar favorites and learning new foods, while also developing their color recognition and sorting skills. It’s the perfect toy for holidays, birthdays, or just because, and it’s sure to get your little one excited about learning!

What You Should Know:

The Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set is designed for children ages 2 and up and is a great way to introduce them to new foods and develop their preschool-ready skills.

It’s made from high-quality materials that are safe, durable, and easy to clean. Plus, it’s the perfect size for taking along on trips, so your kids can have fun learning wherever they go! So don't wait get your own Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set today!

TOYVENTIVE Wooden Kids Baby Activity Cube

One 1, 2 Year Old Toys | Developmental Toddler Educational Learning Toys 12-18 Months | Bead Maze, First Birthday Gift

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Why We Love It:

TOYVENTIVE Wooden Kids Baby Activity Cube is an excellent birthday gift for your 1-year-old. It contains a toddler activity play cube, stacking cups and an essential words board book, all coming in a cute blue gifts ready packaging - the perfect gift for any one-year-old!

This educational toy set for 1- and 2-year-olds is designed to promote counting and math skills, while also developing color, pattern and shape recognition in an engaging, fun and interactive way.

The wooden construction and premium craftsmanship, combined with water based non-toxic paint make it a parent's premium choice for educational toys.

What You Should Know:

Not only is this wooden activity cube one of the top 10 baby wooden toys for one-year olds and top 5 best toys for 1 year old boys, but it also combines 5 different activities in one!

This baby development toy will keep your toddler entertained for hours and help him develop his mind, senses and coordination. Plus, it is perfect for travel, making it a great choice for busy parents on the go.

So don't wait - get the TOYVENTIVE Wooden Kids Baby Activity Cube today and watch your little one explore and learn!

Skillmatics Educational Game : Search and Find

 Gifts & Preschool Learning for Kids Ages 3 to 6 | Reusable Activity Mats with 2 Dry Erase Markers

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Why We Love It:

Skillmatics Educational Game is a great way to help your kids learn through play! It includes 6 double sided activity mats, two Skilly Billy pens, a duster cloth and a Skilly Billy Achievement Certificate.

They'll be able to explore different places like a park, amusement park, camp, outer space, jungle safari, vegetable market, under the ocean, restaurant, medical center, and a farm.

What You Should Know:

This Skillmatics game is an incredibly engaging and educational way for kids to learn. The activity mats are reusable, and the content is skill-oriented and age appropriate.

This is the perfect gift for any occasion that ensures that kids have fun while they learn. It's a great way to help your child develop important skills in a fun and educational way. So why wait? Get your kids playing Skillmatics Educational Game today!

BEST LEARNING Learning Clock

Educational Talking Learn to Tell Time Teaching Light-Up Toy with Quiz and Music Sleep Mode - Toddlers & Kids Ages 3, 4, 5, 6 Years Old Boy and Girl Gift Present

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Why We Love It:

The BEST LEARNING Learning Clock is the perfect way for children to learn how to read the clock and understand time. This interactive toy is designed to keep children engaged and has been recognized with multiple awards, including the

Family Choice Award, the Mom’s Choice Gold Metal, the Tillywig Brain Child Award, and the Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award. Plus, this Learning Clock has a sleep mode that plays 10 classical music and has 12 night light options, with a timer up to 60 minutes.

What You Should Know:

This Learning Clock is great for preschoolers and early learners, ages 3 and up. It is a fun, risk-free way to teach children important skills like numbers, music, logical thinking, motor functions, concentration, dexterity, and memory.

It requires 3 AAA batteries that are included, so it's ready to go right away. So don't wait, pick up a BEST LEARNING Learning Clock today and get your child on the path to understanding time!

Coogam Wooden Letters Practicing Board, Double-Sided Alphabet Tracing Tool

Learning to Write ABC Educational Toy Game Fine Motor Montessori Gift for Preschool 3 4 5 Years Old Kids

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Why We Love It:

Coogam Wooden Letters Practicing Board is perfect for learning and practicing the alphabet. It has a compact size, making it perfect for travel, and is perfectly sized for portable writing practice for kids. The board has upper case letters on one side and lower case on the other.

It has gently engraved curved grooves which provide a form for practicing hand-eye coordination using real-world challenges. Plus, the board is made of quality pieces of wood and letters carved into it, with natural solid wood and is coated with environmentally friendly water-based paint, making it completely safe for kids to play with.

What You Should Know:

This is the perfect tool for helping to promote fine motor control and hand-eye coordination as well as handwriting. It also helps with controlling the hand movement and muscle memory for writing ABCs and alphabet recognition and formation them.

Plus, it's a great way to encourage your child to learn the alphabet in a fun way. Order your Coogam Wooden Letters Practicing Board today and help your child learn their ABCs!

Basic Fun Speak & Spell Electronic Game

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Why We Love It:

The Basic Fun Speak & Spell Electronic Game is a must-have toy for anyone who loves classic 80's graphics, sounds, and gameplay. With the Speak & Spell Electronic Game, your child can learn to spell over 200 commonly misspelled words using a speech synthesizer.

This game is designed for ages 7 and up and includes 3 AA batteries, so it's ready to play right out of the package.

What You Should Know:

The Speak & Spell Electronic Game also features a built-in reset button on the back of the tablet so you can rest assured that if your child ever experiences any trouble, they can easily reactivate the game.

Plus, the game is a great way to help encourage your child's cognitive skills, such as problem solving and spelling. Give your child the gift of education and entertainment with the Basic Fun Speak & Spell Electronic Game today!

Coogam Numbers and Alphabets Flash Cards Set

ABC Wooden Letters and Numbers Animal Pattern Board Matching Puzzle Game Montessori Educational Learning Toys Gift for Preschool Kids Age 3 4 5 Years

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Why We Love It:

Make learning fun for your little ones with Coogam Numbers and Alphabets Flash Cards Set! This set contains 36 flashcards with Alphabet A-Z, Number 1-10, and 37 high quality smooth wooden blocks, all with bright colors and vivid pictures.

Match the alphabet letters or numbers with the animal picture based on the clue of shape and color to help your children develop eye-hand coordination, color recognition, fine motor skills, visual perception skills, and problem-solving skills.

What You Should Know:

Moreover, this ABC Flash Cards Set is BPA free and non-toxic, ensuring your child's safety and health. Wooden blocks are perfectly smooth and sand down, and the flashcards are coated with a matte finish waterproof material on both sides that is friendly to be grasped.

For easy clean up, this set of flash cards come with a storage box, and the wooden blocks and learning cards can be easily stacked together. So why wait? Get your Coogam Numbers and Alphabets Flash Cards Set today and make learning fun for your little ones!

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar Twist

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Why We Love It:

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar Twist is an amazing early coding and problem-solving toy for preschoolers ages 3-6 years.

With its 1 motorized head and 5 permanently attached segments, each with a dial for kids to turn to program a path, there are over 1,000 possible combinations!

This fun interactive toy also includes volume control, light-up eyes, and sound and light effects to keep kids interested and engaged.

What You Should Know:

Code-a-pillar Twist encourages kids to think critically, plan ahead, and have fun as they come up with creative solutions to their coding challenges. Plus, it helps develop fine motor skills, spatial reasoning and sequencing skills in children.

With its durable design and colorful, kid-friendly segments, this toy is sure to be a hit for your little one! So why wait? Get your Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar Twist today!


We know it can be difficult to find the perfect educational toy for your child, so we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about educational toys for kids. Hopefully this will help you decide which toy is best for your child's development.

What toys should every toddler have?

Every toddler should have toys that encourage physical activity, cognitive development, and creativity. Examples of toys that promote physical activity include balls, jump ropes, and ride-on toys. Toys that promote cognitive development include puzzles, blocks, and shape sorters. Toys that encourage creativity include art supplies, musical instruments, and dress-up clothes.

What toys do toddlers need?

When it comes to toys for toddlers, it's important to focus on items that will help them learn and grow. Look for toys that help develop fine motor skills, like puzzles and shape sorters, and toys that promote imaginative play, like dress-up clothes and pretend kitchens. It's also a good idea to provide toys that can be used in a variety of ways, like blocks, balls, and dolls. Aim to provide a mix of toys that encourage creativity and exploration, as well as toys that help practice skills like counting and sorting.

Which toy is most appropriate for a 3 years old?

The most appropriate toy for a 3 year old would depend on their interests and skill level. Generally speaking, toys that encourage imaginative play, such as dolls, dress-up clothes, and playhouses, are great choices. Building blocks, puzzles, and other construction toys are great for developing problem-solving skills and fine motor skills. For outdoor play, tricycles, scooters, and balls are great choices. Musical instruments and art supplies are also great ways to foster creativity and self-expression in young children.

What toys are good for brain development?

Toys that promote problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking skills are great for brain development. Examples of these types of toys include puzzles, building blocks, construction sets, and board games. Other toys that can help with brain development include those that involve music, art, and language. Additionally, toys that encourage physical activity, such as balls, jump ropes, and hula hoops, can also help with brain development.

Is sensory play good for 3 year olds?

Yes, sensory play is great for 3 year olds. It helps them to explore and understand the world around them using their senses. Sensory play encourages children to use their imagination and build problem-solving skills. It also helps to develop communication, language, fine and gross motor skills. Sensory play can also be calming and provide a great opportunity for bonding with the child.


If you’re looking for an educational toy that’s fun, engaging, and encourages your child’s learning and development, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed 10 of the best educational toys on the market and highlighted the features that make them stand out.

From interactive games to building blocks and puzzles, these toys are sure to provide hours of entertainment and education for your little ones. So take a look at our reviews, pick the one that’s right for you, and get ready to see your child learn, play, and grow with these amazing educational toys!

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