Say Goodbye to Lonely Saturday Nights

Say Goodbye to Lonely Saturday Nights. Here are some tips to brighten up those lonely nights. You may even want to try a dating site. If you're a Christian, Christian Cafe is the best.

Say Goodbye to Lonely Saturday Nights

According to a classic Frank Sinatra song, Saturday night is the loneliest night of the week. Are you like Old Blue Eyes - spending the hours in between your work week and Sundays wondering if you’re missing out?

After all, daytime TV shows and women’s magazines sometimes make it sound like you have to have a romantic partner to live a full and happy life. Regardless of your relationship status, you may also be one of a growing number of adults who tend to feel isolated as technology takes the place of face-to-face conversations.

Make your weekends happier and more productive. Use these tips to transform your lonely Saturday nights into your favorite hours of the week.

The Social Solution:

1. Call a friend. There’s an upside to not having a date, because now you can hang out with your buddies. Invite them over for a potluck dinner or go out and try something new. How about practicing your swing at a softball training center or taking a knitting class?

2. Make a standing date. You’re more likely to stay in touch with your friends if you keep them on your calendar. Set a monthly date and take turns planning the agenda.

3. Offer to babysit. Brighten someone’s day by volunteering to watch their children while they go out. Plus, you’ll get to spend some quality time with your niece or godson.

4. Do volunteer work. Browse online for volunteer clearinghouses or community groups to find a cause you love. Teach English to recent immigrants or play with kittens at a local shelter.

The Solo Solution:

1. Develop a hobby. Use your free time constructively. Play the piano or collect rare books. As a bonus, studies show that hobbies can enhance your health and increase your life satisfaction.

2. Continue learning. Lifelong learning makes you more accomplished and well-rounded. Sign up for business classes at a nearby college or take English literature classes online.

3. Shape up. Lack of time is a common reason for not exercising. Spend your Saturday nights visiting the gym when the pool is empty and there’s no long line for the leg press machine. Plan healthy meals for the week ahead and make a pot of soup you can heat up for quick dinners.

4. Pamper yourself. Maybe you need some downtime. Put on your pajamas and watch old movies or give yourself a pedicure.

The Romantic Solution:

1. Set goals. View the time in between relationships as an opportunity to figure out what you really want. Identify what you’re looking for in a partner and spot patterns that you might want to change.

2. Relax your criteria. On the other hand, you might increase your chances for a Saturday night date and a healthy relationship by dropping some requirements. Experiment with someone who may not be your usual type.

3. Tell your friends. Let your friends know that you’re eager for introductions. They may know someone compatible they want to set you up with.

4. Go online. Dating websites give you a vast number of potential candidates to choose from. Create profiles and contact members at a few sites that match your interests and see what happens. If you're a Christian, you'll want to find a Christian partner. Christian Cafe is a Christian dating site owned by Christians. Try it out, what do you have to lose?

5. Venture out. You’ll meet more potential partners if you spend less time in your living room, and more time in public places. Go to science lectures and jazz concerts or just run some errands.


Look forward to Saturday nights whether you’re relaxing at home or going out on the town. When you focus on enjoying your own company or connecting with others, you can put an end to loneliness and enjoy each weekend to the fullest.

But when you're ready to find 'The One', try Christian Cafe, a dating site for Christians, owned by Christians. You never know, your soul mate could be there waiting for you.

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