7 Wellness Essentials Every Woman Needs: Pamper Yourself with These Must-Have Products!

Best wellness essential products for women. Vitamins and Supplements

7 Wellness Essentials Every Woman Needs: Pamper Yourself with These Must-Have Products!

Eating a varied and well-balanced diet is the best way to get the nutrients you need to thrive. This means eating various fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and protein sources like beans, tofu, fish, and poultry.

But if you can't eat certain foods, follow a restrictive diet, have a known nutrient deficiency, have increased nutrient needs, or have underlying medical conditions that affect nutrient absorption, supplements can help fill in the gaps in nutrients.

The type of Wellness Essential Supplement a woman needs will depend on the individual and her diet, health status, and life stage. The best way to determine supplement needs is to work with a healthcare provider or registered dietitian to identify nutrient deficiencies and determine if a supplement or dietary changes will help.

Our dietitian has used years of experience counselling women, reading the latest research, and interviewing colleagues specializing in women's health & wellness to identify the best supplements for women.

Our Top 7 Picks

Discover our Best Essential Products for wellness ahead.

1- Collagen Peptides Powder

Collagen is the body's main structural protein in connective tissues. It is one of the most abundant proteins, which is practically responsible for holding the body together - it makes the skin firmer and more elastic and the musculoskeletal tissues in the body firmer and more flexible.

Collagen Peptides Powder

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Why We Love It

These dietary supplements contain hydrolyzed collagen, so the body can easily absorb vital proteins and reap their potential benefits. Collagen Peptides Powder is hormone-free, grass-fed, and grown on pasture. It's also all-natural, non-GMO, and contains 19 amino acids to support vitality and support hair, skin, nails, and joints.

What You Should Know

Collagen Peptides is a non-GMO collagen peptide powder sourced from grass-fed cows. One serving of this supplement gives you 20 grams of collagen peptides. It is popular and affordable (only costs $25) and has a low rate of return; that's why it became Amazon's Choice.

Collagen products contain bioactive collagen peptides, a form of collagen derived from animal bones. They underwent a hydrolysis process, heated and broken down into digestible collagen. Although less than human collagen, hydrolyzed collagen supplements still contain essential amino acids.

Collagen peptide powder supplements relieve joint pain and keep joints strong. Collagen is also found in the joints, so hydrolyzed collagen supplements can help keep joints flexible and less brittle.

Vital Proteins contains a blend of 19 different amino acids. This list includes heavy hitters like alanine, lysine, and glycine, the deficiency of which can lead to joint pain and osteoarthritis due to its role in collagen synthesis, and an average of 80 milligrams of acid. Hyaluronic acid (research shows it can benefit the skin) equals two scoops in each serving.

Collagen Peptides Powder FAQ:

1. Are there any downsides to taking collagen peptides?

There are no known side effects of taking collagen peptide as long as you are not allergic to any ingredients. As with anything, check the label closely, but if you're not allergic, you should be A-OK to try collagen peptides. Worst of all, they may not work - but there is no real risk.

2. Do powder collagen peptides work?

The two most widely suggested benefits of collagen peptides are improved skin health and reduced joint pain. But these supplements are also touted to support digestion and heart health, prevent bone loss, and increase muscle mass. 

3. When should I take collagen, morning or evening?

A standard recommendation is to take it first thing in the morning. The main reason is that you take the supplement on an empty stomach. 

2- Immune Defense- ESVITO 37 in 1 Multivitamin for Women Capsules

ESVITO capsules are scientifically designed with over 8 premium ingredients and essential nutrients to support brain, heart, bone, eye, energy, and immune system health - all in one vegetarian capsule that is easy to take.

Immune Defense- ESVITO 37 in 1 multivitamin for Women Capsules

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Why We Love It

It is an excellent choice for women of all ages because it contains vitamins A, B6, C, D, and E and essential nutrients such as folic acid, Calcium, and Iron. We also love that this product is free of artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners.

Each of our carefully designed formulas offers the highest quality ingredients available, using the forms of nutrients your body prefers and can easily use.

Every finished batch is third-party lab-tested, so you can always trust that what's on the label is the same as what's on the bottle.

What You Should Know

ESVITO Capsules use only exceptional ingredients that do not contain synthetic colors, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners. They're also gluten-free, gelatin-free, and free of the eight most common allergens, including dairy, eggs, shellfish, soy, peanuts, wheat, fish, and tree nuts.

Vegetarian, sugar-free, and only top-quality ingredients. ESVITO Capsules Multi has been carefully formulated to support brain, heart, bone, eye, energy, and immune health.

It helps our body absorb Calcium from our diet and supplements. Vitamin D also plays a role in developing and maintaining healthy bones. And researchers are beginning to discover that good vitamin D levels are essential for overall health and the prevention of certain diseases, including osteoporosis.


1. What happens if we take ESVITO 37 in 1 multivitamin for Women's Capsules tablets daily?

The heart is a vital organ of the body, and it is essential to keep it healthy. Several studies suggest that taking high-quality multivitamins may reduce cardiovascular disease. Vitamins C, D3, E, Folic Acid, B Group, Zinc, and Magnesium play a role in cardiovascular health.

2. Can I take the multivitamin at night?

Multivitamins work best when taken earlier in the day, as the B vitamins in them can stimulate metabolism and brain function too much on a relaxing evening or bedtime.

3- Original Provitalize

Provitalize is a type of thermogenic probiotic that supports digestion and immunity. They generate heat in the gut, which burns fat. They may also help with fat storage and calorie absorption and support a person’s metabolism during exercise. This menopause supplement bundle is 100% natural, soy-free, gluten-free & GMO-Free.

Picture of a group of women at all stages of menopause

Original Provitalize

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Why We Love It

Hormone & estrogen-free.

Provitalize deals with the root of the problem, hormonal imbalance, and intestinal issues, rather than just dealing with the symptoms of weight gain.

Provitalize is a thermogenic probiotic supplement that uses probiotics or "good live microorganisms" to support healthy weight loss. Live good microorganisms colonize your gut, establish a friendly relationship with it and improve your gut health.

What You Should Know

Provitalize works for men and women, but it should be noted here that it is designed explicitly for postmenopausal women.

Promotes healthy digestion and weight loss using scientifically proven natural ingredients.

Herbal spices and probiotics with natural boosters can help boost a healthy metabolism to burn calories. It is also said to reduce appetite and prevent unwanted weight gain.

The probiotics and herbs in Provitalize claim to address the root causes of hormonal imbalance and poor digestion, thereby preventing unwanted weight gain.

It rebalances hormones and makes the gut happy, reduces inflammation, increases energy levels, and produces serotonin, the happy hormone. Symptoms of menopause lessen; As you manage to lose weight, you become more energetic and optimistic.

Each Provitalize capsule contains three probiotic strains, plant extracts, and herbal ingredients clinically proven to improve gut health, provide essential vitamins and minerals, and increase bioavailability while relieving menopausal symptoms.

Provitalize FAQ

1. How many Provitalize tablets come in each bottle?1.

Each bottle of Provitalize contains 60 capsules.

2. Is Provitalize safe?

Provitalize has not been approved and is not FDA-regulated.

However, Better Body Co. claims Provitalize is made in an FDA-registered and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-certified facility. The company also claims that the product has no known significant side effects.

3. How Often Should You Take Provitalize?

You should take Provitalize two capsules every morning on an empty stomach or after a meal. But according to the company, taking it right after waking works best, especially for hot flashes.

4. Who Should Take Provitalize?

Menopausal women should take Provitalize. But some men who need probiotics, as well as pre-menopausal women, can benefit from its effects.

4- Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice is a gently dried natural powder packed with 11 superfoods, such as minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, that provide users with additional nutrition.

Organifi Green Juice

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Why We Love It:

These unique ingredients are thought to burn fat, boost your immunity, and provide your body with a daily detox, so you don't fall victim to colds or worse diseases.

The proprietary vegan beverage mix can give your body vital nutrients and support weight control. It is the perfect complement to a balanced diet and exercise routine.

What You Should Know:

Organifi Green juice is a green juice superfood powder made to reset the body and support stress.

Organifi claims that green juices are easy to get your daily greens and superfoods in one glass without the need to shop, chop, juice, or clean up a mess. It's a morning juice intended to "alkalize" your system for a morning reset, support your immune health, and aid healthy weight management.

Organifi Green Juice contains 11 superfoods, including wheatgrass, wheatgrass juice powder, moringa, spirulina, chlorella, green matcha tea, coconut water powder, ashwagandha, beetroot, and turmeric.

One serving of Organifi Green Juice provides 30 calories, 6 g total carbohydrates, 3 g fiber, and 1 g protein.

It also contains 3% of your Daily Value (DV) for Calcium, 11% for Iron, and 1% for sodium. To get Organifi Green Juice, mix a scoop of the powder with 8-10 oz of water or any other beverage you choose. If using the travel packs, mix one packet of the Organify Green Juice with 8–10 oz of water or another beverage.

Organifi recommends drinking this juice in the morning to start your day, though it can be taken at any time. Organifi Green Juice is keto-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan.

Organifi's Green Juice FAQ:

1. How Does Organifi's Green Juice Taste?

When drinking Organifi's Green Juice, the first thing that comes to mind is 'mint.' This differs significantly from all other brands on the market. Others have a lumpy feeling on their tongue, often thinking it tastes like grass, almost triggering a gag reflex!

Best served with ice and cold water. The colder it is, the better.

2. How to Use Organifi Green Juice?

This Organifi’s green juice comes in powder form. It is recommended to consume Organifi green juice in the morning, at noon, or any time of the day to experience the desired health benefits.

You should mix Organifi’s green juice with eight to ten ounces of water or combine it with a liquid of your choices, such as almond milk or coconut water. Blending green powder with protein smoothies or fresh juice is a great alternative.

5- ION* Intelligence of Nature Gut Support

ION* Intelligence of Nature Gut Support is a mineral supplement derived from 60 million years old soil that provides essential barrier support and naturally balances the microbiome. Gut health equals immune health. And immune health equals full well-being. ION* Gut Support has been scientifically shown to support the immune system (70% is in the gut).

ION* Intelligence of Nature Gut Support

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Why We Love It:

ION* Intelligence of Nature Gut Support helps keep toxins out of your body by shutting down cells in the gut lining and strengthens the area where your microbiome can diversify.

What You Should Know:

Gut health is unique to each person because many parts are integrally linked to other aspects of a person's overall well-being. That's why supporting your system is so essential to help it thrive. This is why supporting a healthy gut makes your overall health and life better.

If your gut is not healthy, many other parts of your health can also be adversely affected. Blended Vitamin and Mineral Supplements take ION* Intestinal Supplement 3 times a day to support gut and immune health, brain health, mental clarity, better skin, and more.

We recommend 1 teaspoon of ION* Intestinal Support 3 times daily for general gut-brain health. Due to the protective effects of ION* Gut Support against gluten and glyphosate, optimum intestinal support is achieved when taken 30 minutes before meals. Still, you can take it just before, with, or after a meal (or on an empty stomach).

1. What are the ingredients in ION* Gut Support?

Humic Extract (from Ancient Soil) and Purified Water.

The humic extract is sourced from ancient soil (roughly 60 million years old). It contains a blend of bacterial metabolites (aka, fulvate) as well as less than 1% of a variety of trace minerals and amino acids, including chloride, sodium, lithium, Calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, bromide, potassium, Iron, antimony, zinc, copper, gold, magnesium, alanine, glycine, histidine, isoleucine, methionine, threonine, and valine.

2. Is Ion gut health FDA approved?

Yes. ION* is regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration under the Supplementary Dietary Health and Education Act 1994, Public Law 103-417. Under federal law regulations, the manufacturer must be able to demonstrate that their product is safe and that their labels and advertisements are truthful and not misleading.

3. Is gut health linked to hair health?

Gut health can affect almost every function in your body; Research shows that a healthy gut transforms into a healthy environment for different microorganisms to run their systems and processes that impact everything from your hair health to your mood.


This advanced respiratory support formula has active ingredients that work to cleanse and detox your bronchial system. Get rid of cigarette waste and environmental toxins, promote the removal of deep-seated microplastics in the lungs, eliminate excess mucus and phlegm, and reduce reproduction.

Why We Love It:

The OMNIBREATHE health supplement can also help with seasonal allergies. Our advanced respiratory support formula helps support your lungs' immune system, helps balance mucus levels, and helps clear the airways so you can better cope with exposure to allergens.

What You Should Know:

OmniBreathe is a nutritional supplement that uses a blend of herbal extracts, plant compounds, and other ingredients to "help relieve chest congestion" and support respiratory function.

Omnite describes GlucoseGuard as an "elite blood balance formula" that can support diabetes, lower blood sugar, support metabolism, and improve insulin sensitivity. Typically, people with diabetes take prescription medications to achieve these effects.

Promote bronchial health "unlike standard bronchitis treatment or bronchitis medicine."

Cleanse and detoxify your lungs using vitamins, herbs, amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants

Omnite claims that OmniBreathe can help people manage bronchitis, COPD, and airway ailments. OmniBreathe helps you breathe easier by reducing mucus, inflammation, and blockages and increasing oxygen flow.

Omnibreathe is a revolutionary formula that combines clinically studied natural ingredients designed to help you reduce mucus, inflammation, and congestion, increase airflow for natural respiration, protect your lungs from toxic exposure and generally improve your respiratory system function.

Whatever the season, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed while breathing, and your body will maintain a normal, healthier airway function.

Omnite OmniBreathe FAQ:

1. How does Omnite OmniBreathe work?

The supplement contains small amounts (15mg to 60mg) of plant extracts like quercetin, ginger root extract, CoQ10, bromelain, stinging nettle extract, and marshmallow extract. The supplement also contains 200mg of N-acetyl-l-cysteine, 150mg of cordyceps, and a significant dose of vitamins A, C, D, B6, and B12.

2. What are the ingredients in OMNIBREATHE?

"N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, Bromelain, CoQ 10, Cordyceps 7% Extract, Quercetin, Ginger Root Extract, Mullein Leaf Extract, Marshmallow Extract, Stinging Nettle, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D ".

7- LES Labs Cortisol Health

Cortisol Health is a natural dietary supplement taken daily to reduce stress and promote relaxation by supporting adrenal function and healthy cortisol levels. Consider taking it with LES Labs Insulin Health.

LES Labs Cortisol Health

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Why We Love It:

It can help eliminate stubborn fat by creating heat in the intestine. This product is lauded as one of the best menopause supplements, as it promotes healthy weight loss with a creative approach.

It helps to burn fat faster by improving the body's metabolism. It also acts as an appetite suppressant, helping you manage unhealthy food cravings. Provitalize also assists the body in managing calorie absorption, which helps the body prevent unwanted weight gain. Finally, it inhibits unhealthy fat absorption and fat storage.

What You Should Know:

Wellness isn't just about diet and exercise - it's about nutrition and what we put into our bodies. In today's era of processed foods and hectic lifestyles, giving the body all the nutrients, it needs can be difficult.

LES Labs Cortisol Health is designed to help women cope with menopausal symptoms, such as getting rid of stubborn fat. This is among the best weight loss supplements on the market that can boost metabolic rate, increase energy levels, support gut health, and aid weight loss.

Its primary mission is to help women who experience menopausal symptoms, especially weight gain, lose weight naturally. The product is a thermogenic probiotic supplement and contains probiotics and other potent ingredients.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that our bodies produce during adrenal spikes. LES Labs Cortisol Health is a supplement that can help modulate cortisol production. With the balance of this hormone, your stress level decreases, and you can relax.

LES Labs Cortisol Health FAQ

1. How Does LES Labs Cortisol Health Work?

LES Labs Cortisol Health contains natural ingredients that allow you to keep your cortisol levels under control to reduce stress. It aims to provide relaxation and maintain a healthier adrenal function in your body.

2. Who is LES Labs Cortisol Health Manufacturer?

LES Labs manufactures Cortisol Health supplements. The company believes in providing your body with the proper nutrition that often cannot be met through diet alone. It brings a host of natural supplements that help you put your health on track.

3. What Are The Ingredients In LES Labs Cortisol Health?

LES Labs Cortisol Health makes use of natural ingredients that help manage stress.

Magnesium – It is an essential mineral often used for stress relief purposes. It helps regulate the stress response system in the body.

Ashwagandha Root Extract – This plant-based ingredient has been used in medicine for centuries. It claims the body and improves mood.

Magnolia Bark Extract – This ingredient is extracted from the bark of a plant and is used for its medicinal properties to help deal with stress and anxiety.


A balanced and nutritious diet full of dark leafy greens, lean proteins, healthy fats, and quality carbohydrates is always preferred to get vital nutrients into your diet. But let's face it, rushing from task to task with the hustle and bustle of your busy professional, nonstop lifestyle can cause major eating restrictions, hormonal imbalances, menstrual complaints, and chronic fatigue.

Supplements can help with nutritional inconsistencies and gaps to ensure you're getting vital nutrients, enriching your health and happiness; instead of cramming caffeine, wasting precious hours of sleep, and tearing your hair out from stress, add a few daily vitamins and supplements to help optimize your health and well-being and put yourself first.